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If you have had a traumatic experience you can get a referral from your family doctor, and you can get a medical insurance subsidy from the Danish National Health Service.

The following reasons for referral are valid:

  • Victims of robbery, violence or rape
  • Victims of traffic accidents or other types of accidents
  • Relatives of someone with severe mental illness
  • Individuals suffering from severe debilitating disease
  • Relatives of someone suffering from debilitating disease
  • Relatives in case of bereavement
  • Individuals who have attempted suicide
  • Women who have been through a termination of pregnancy after the end of the first trimester
  • Individuals who have experienced incest or other kinds of sexual abuse before the age of 18
  • Individuals suffering from mild to moderate depression
  • Individuals suffering from mild to moderate anxiety/OCD (18-28 years of age).

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