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Being busy does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from stress! We may all experience busy times and that may even be good for us – the trouble starts when the busy periods go on and on.

Stress usually occurs after a prolonged period of pressure or a constant feeling of working more and more and getting less and less done. Tasks that were perfectly doable before seem to become huge and insurmountable.

It may be some time before you realise you are suffering from stress. Symptoms of stress may be frequent headaches or stomach aches, sleeplessness, muscle pain, trouble concentrating or a constant feeling of unease.

Your immune system may be affected as well, which may cause you to experience a frequent feeling of being slightly ill and suffering from frequent colds and sore throat.

You may become increasingly irritable and feel the need to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

We are all different and we manage pressure and stress differently. If you do not listen to these signals you may develop more severe health issues or even depression.

Conversations with your psychologist can help you:

  • clarify your own or other people’s expectations of you.
  • take a good look at your resources and prioritise your time and your choices.
  • learn to set boundaries
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