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The following persons are eligible for psychological help under the Danish national health service, person category 1-11:

  1. Victims of robbery, violence and rape
  2. Victims of traffic accidents and other accidents
  3. Relatives of individuals suffering from severe mental disease
  4. Individuals suffering from severe debilitating disease (the term ’debilitating disease’ is interpreted broadly, and people who have for instance been diagnosed with Usher’s syndrome are eligible for referral under this category. Also included are different diseases hindering a normal way of life/a normal quality of life, diminished ability to work, etc.
  5. Relatives of individuals suffering from severe debilitating disease (the term ’relatives’ is usually interpreted as immediate family but also grandparents, uncles and aunts with whom the individual has a close relationship).
  6. Relatives in case bereavement
  7. Individuals who have attempted suicide or who are considered suicidal
  8. Women who have been through a termination of pregnancy after the first trimester. Psychological help can be given prior to the termination when request for permission for the procedure has been sent to the Danish abortion council
  9. Individuals who have been victims of incest or other types of sexual assault/violation

10. Individuals suffering from mild to moderate depression (age limit lifted, over 18 years of age following psychometric testing by family physician

11. Anxiety/OCD (age: between 18-38)


Some events may fall within a grey area such as for instance questions concerning ’severe debilitation disease’ since this is a broadly interpreted definition and there is some dispute over what is considered debilitating. This can be discussed with your family physician or your psychologist.

The Danish national health service covers 60 % of the psychologist’s fees. The remaining 40 % are paid by the client. See my rates elsewhere on this web site. Members of ’Sygeforsikringen Danmark’ are eligible for an additional subsidy of DKK 100 per consultation.

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