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When you are – or feel that you are – lonely, this may stem from difficulties establishing a good contact with other people. You may feel that you are not being understood. You may feel that others do not respect you. You may feel that you are being overlooked or passed by. You may know a lot of people and still feel lonely.

The feelings of loneliness that may cause problems in your interaction with other people may be about:

  • communication and breach of contact in connection with childhood experiences
  • lack of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • lack of faith that you are valuable as a human being
  • lack of faith that someone needs you and the qualities that you bring to a community

The consultations can help you:

  • gain insight into your actions or doing things that you don’t want to be doing
  • work on feeling good about being alone in your own company
  • work on setting some goals for how you can create better interaction with other people
  • work on how you can make yourself visible – be assertive in a positive manner


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