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Many people who are living together as a couple or as family experience periods where the relationship is hard and marked by unfulfilled expectations. It is possible to go through a massive development as a couple; however, the opposite might also be true. Where did the initial infatuation go? Where did love go? What happened to friendship and intimacy? This is something which many people ask each other. If both parties agree that they want to stay together and continue their lives together this is a good starting point. If you are no longer comfortable with each other and you are not able to change or better the relationship, the consultations may be a good way of saying goodbye to each other.

Couples consultations are about

  • respecting each other’s differences and not changing each other
  • learning to live with those differences
  • becoming better at communicating via ’I-messages’
  • understanding each other’s reaction patterns and perhaps adding something new to these
  • open and hidden expectations
  • jealousy
  • life together
  • setting common goals for what you want
  • remember to keep the relationship alive

Give yourself time to rest in each other.

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